Evangelical Rally, Pier Head, Liverpool, 1987.

Soloist, Carol Service, St Patrick's, Toxteth, 1987

Demo against proposed abortion law changes (sponsored by David Alton, Liverpool MP and founder member of the Movement for Christian Democracy).  Liverpool 1987

National Front insignia daubed on Catholic Church sign. Birkenhead. The graffiti may be a response to Archbishop Derek Worlock who had spoken in support of the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa. 1987

Opposition to the Two Cathedrals Celebration, Liverpool 1987

'Jesus Heals' Idahosa World Outreach 'Miracle Healing Crusade', Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool, 1987.

Upper Parliament Street, Liverpool, 1987

Orange Lodge paraders, Liverpool, 1988

Wirral Christian Centre Car Park, Birkenhead, 1986.

Charles Thompson's Mission, Birkenhead, 1987.

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